Quicken development team has been working consistently to enhance users experience and make the connection more stable with banks. Recently, customers may experience some troubles while updating their Wells Fargo Bank: Checking, Saving, Credit Card, Investment or Bill Pay Accounts. There may specific error code that will appear on your Quicken during the updates or bill payments. This problems is a temporary issue and as per Quicken development team’s declaration, it may stay still for few days. You can contact Quicken Technical Support regarding same problems for more updates and changes.

These types of issues are anticipated to occur as time falls. We recommend users to wait for few days and do not make any changes in current settings. As mentioned on Quicken community page, Express Web Connect, Quicken Connect & Direct Connect facilities are temporarily disabled meanwhile the development team is working on it. While updating or adding new Wells Fargo accounts, you may face these error messages (501/581/580 or 101/181/180). There can be other unique error codes that will appear in Quicken, but mean same to all users.


There can be alternates for customers to update their Wells Fargo accounts meanwhile. Customers can manually enter the transactions and keep the ledger up-to-date or user Web Connect services, which will help you download the transactions data from the bank website and let to import to the directed account in Quicken application. If you do not know about Web Connect, then contact on Quicken Tech Support Number and talk to their advisors for instructions. It is the easiest way to download months of bank data in Quicken register with one click without having any risk of data discrepancy.


Whether it is Wells Fargo or other bank institution, you must accept such issues in your Quicken applications on Windows, Mac or Android. Because Quicken is making timely updates in connections with banks and trying to make user’s experience richer. There issues are temporary, which will go away on their own within few days. If such problems persist for longer than few days, contact Quicken support and let the experts suggest you.