Quicken 2018 comes with more powerful and exciting features like never before. Quicken applications are no longer perpetual license type, on the contrary they are now a subscription-based product.Quicken has been the most in-demand personal money management tool, majorly sold in America & Canada.

Quicken development team offers various version of application that helps users meet best of their needs. Moreover, for sales and support, customers can also contact Quicken Technical Support Number + 1-800-513-4593 and speak to the pro advisors directly.

quicken 2018 support number

Quicken Starter– This is the base application from Quicken that helps users to download all checking, savings and credit card bank transactions automatically. Powerful and enhanced dashboard let you monitor all types of expenditures in a glimpse. The application is good for a personal user who is only willing to keep a track of personal income & expenses.

  • Download or import bank and credit card transactions
  • Categorize transactions automatically
  • Check all your current bills, dues and pay them within Quicken
  • Access over 11,000+ billers in Quicken
  • Keep track on what is left in your account and what is more to pay
  • Further create budget and improve your finances

Price- $34.99/year


Quicken Deluxe (Recommended)–Quicken Deluxe is the most popular product that gives more access towards a healthy financial future. This application gives everything that comes along with Quicken starter and exclusively-

  • Allow tracking loan, investment and retirement accounts
  • Help you manage all your debts in one place
  • Set goals for better savings
  • Free online cloud storage for Quicken data files up-to 5 GB from Dropbox
  • Free integration of the latest features in future

Price- $49.99/year


Quicken Premier– Even stronger and fully features app that will help you take care of your finances in an enhanced way. Many premium services that were paid yearly apart from software fee are complimentary free with this version. Quicken Premier gets all what comes in Deluxe version as well as-

  • Free access to Quicken Bill Pay service
  • Priority Quicken Customer Support access (1-800-513-4593)
  • Keep better track of your investments and growth
  • Learn to minimize taxes on investments and savings
  • Manage all taxes in one place

Price- $74.99/year


Quicken Home and Business– Specially designed for personal and small business users. Manage all your personal and business income and expenses in one place. All Quicken applications are protected with 265-bit security encryption.

The application comes preoccupied with all Premier features plus-

  • Categorize personal and business transactions
  • Separate personal and business accounts
  • Email personalized invoice to the customers
  • Manage & shorten all your personal and business tax deduction
  • Keep track of your business profit & loss
  • Track market value of your multiple properties

Price- $99.99/year


Compare all Quicken products for Windows and Mac computers here- https://www.quicken.com/compare

For more information and better clarification over Quicken products, get in touch with Quicken Customer Support Number and step in towards making your financial goals even better.