While opening Quicken application: Cannot open data file because it is in use by some other application.

This error message could really make any user anxious about financial information. Quicken carries very confidential information and when such error message comes, really makes a user go crazy. Moreover, this type of issues can occur due to software malfunction. To resolve this problem, completely exit Quicken app and reboot computer device. Now open Quicken app again and try to access data file. If you are still stuck at same error, then possibly your Quicken app is not able to detect the original directory path of data file.

Further solution can be little tricky to a regular user, so they can call on Quicken Support Number 1-800-513-4593 for proficient resolution by experts. If you are willing to start troubleshooting this error on your own, then make sure to keep multiple copies of Quicken data file before initiating the process. To continue on own, follow instructions below-

  • Press Start button and look for File Explorer
  • Click View tab in left top corner
  • Check box for Hidden items in Show/Hide section
  • Delete CONFIG, DATA & LOG folders

These are log and configuration data files created automatically by applications and will be auto created on getting required.

  • Now Click on This PC/Computer
  • Open Local Drive C = Users
  • Select your User Name = Appdata = Roaming = Intuit/Quicken
  • Select CONFIG and delete
  • Repeat the same process for DATA&LOG folders

Now reboot the computer device again and open Quicken. On successful completion of process, must diagnose the error, contact Quicken Support Phone Number 1-800-513-45933 if the error still persisting.

Quicken cannot open source file

Note– The above instructions are applicable only on Windows 8/8.1/10. For earlier Windows versions, instructions can be varied. Also, remember that Quicken application are no longer compatible with Windows Vista or XP computers. In such case, customers can contact their computer manufacturer and ask for the Windows upgrade.

You can avoid such errors in Quicken application by keeping the computer drives cleaned. There are many freeware applications available on the Internet, which will help you wipe junk files from the computer drives. Wiping computer drives will enhance the performance of whole computer along with Quicken application.