Some Quicken users never backup their data and do not even understand the importance of it. Usually, Quicken applications are set to automatically attempt for backup on every 3rd exit, so that customers must not miss to backup their important updates. You can also customize that setting to attempt for backup on each exit or to never attempt.

Starters can get in touch with Quicken Customer Care for explained information over issues related to backup.

Some users make manual entries in the Quicken register and maintain their accounts. Also, some customers download automatic transactions from the banks along with manual entries. These types of customers cannot afford any type of data corruption or loss; therefore, we recommend customers to keep multiple copies of data files on alternate places.

quicken backup support number

We can use our backup files in many conditions like:

  • Installing new Quicken application
  • Quicken file got corrupted
  • Lost information in data file
  • Unable to open Quicken data file
  • Transfer Quicken Windows to Mac
  • Downloaded duplicate entries
  • Mistakenly created duplicate bank accounts
  • Deleted some transaction entries by mistake
  • Transferring Quicken to a new computer device


Your Quicken backup can rebirth your old and current information in any conditions. You cannot fully rely on your computer devices because sometimes they crash, have hardware faults and more. In unexpected conditions like this, your data copy can be restored back again on fingertips and you can resume your work.

Quicken 2018 comes with free online cloud backup facility. By signing up for a free Dropbox account, you can store your Quicken data on clouds, which will help you restore it anytime on any device without any troubles.

If you are facing problems during backup or restoring files, reach at Quicken backup Support Phone Number  1-800-513-4593 for assistance through Pro Advisors. There can be some unexpected problems that will hinder your way with some kind error messages, but every problem has its own resolution.