We always recommend Quicken customers to must backup their data file after every important change they make. For better safety of data information, you could also prefer saving a copy of Quicken backup file on an external memory drive or in cloud storage accounts. Thousands of customers have been the victim of computer hard drive failure, which eventually cost them loss of their years Quicken data. Therefore, keep your Quicken backup safe somewhere you prefer.

Quicken Help Desk Number 1-800-513-4593 for convert Quicken data file

Now we can go ahead, and covert Quicken data file-

Quicken for Windows– If you have been using any Quicken version between 98-2003, then

  • backup your most recent data file
  • Press Windows + R keys
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and press ok
  • Find Quicken app and uninstall
  • Download Quicken 2004
  • Install and open the most recent backup file to convert

After successful conversion with Windows Quicken 2003, follow further instructions

  • Save a backup copy in 2004 Quicken
  • Uninstall Quicken 2004 app by following above method
  • Download Windows Quicken 2013
  • Install and open the recent backup file
  • Covert the data file on getting prompted

After going through the following process, please save a copy of backup within Quicken 2013 applications and next you can open this file in any latest Quicken application like- Quicken 2016/2017/2018. During the process, there can be rare possibilities of facing some uncalled error due to system issues, wherein calling Quicken Support Phone Number will surely resolve that for you.

quicken help desk number

Quicken for Mac-Quicken Mac users must know that latest Mac OS updates do not support Essential anymore. Also, converting data on Mac computers is little extra risky than Windows, therefore either you call Quicken support number and tell their experts to do the job for you safely or continue with instructions below-

  • Download and install the latest Quicken app
  • Direct your app to the most recent backup file
  • Or choose the type of file you desire to open in Quicken Mac app
  • On choosing right backup file, select option convert
  • And new Quicken Mac is ready to use

Data conversion on Mac can possibly take some extra time in doing the job, so please be patient while it finishes up the process. If you have data file from an older Quicken mac 2007, then it will be impossible to convert the data file, eventually you will have to start Quicken from the scratch.

For any other help and support service contact Quicken help desk and talk to the available experts for better answers.