Quicken development team has been working consistently to enhance users experience and make the connection more stable with banks. Recently, customers may experience some troubles while updating their Wells Fargo Bank: Checking, Saving, Credit Card, Investment or Bill Pay Accounts. There may specific error code that will appear on your Quicken during the updates or bill payments. This problems is a temporary issue and as per Quicken development team’s declaration, it may stay still for few days. You can contact Quicken Technical Support regarding same problems for more updates and changes.

These types of issues are anticipated to occur as time falls. We recommend users to wait for few days and do not make any changes in current settings. As mentioned on Quicken community page, Express Web Connect, Quicken Connect & Direct Connect facilities are temporarily disabled meanwhile the development team is working on it. While updating or adding new Wells Fargo accounts, you may face these error messages (501/581/580 or 101/181/180). There can be other unique error codes that will appear in Quicken, but mean same to all users.


There can be alternates for customers to update their Wells Fargo accounts meanwhile. Customers can manually enter the transactions and keep the ledger up-to-date or user Web Connect services, which will help you download the transactions data from the bank website and let to import to the directed account in Quicken application. If you do not know about Web Connect, then contact on Quicken Tech Support Number and talk to their advisors for instructions. It is the easiest way to download months of bank data in Quicken register with one click without having any risk of data discrepancy.


Whether it is Wells Fargo or other bank institution, you must accept such issues in your Quicken applications on Windows, Mac or Android. Because Quicken is making timely updates in connections with banks and trying to make user’s experience richer. There issues are temporary, which will go away on their own within few days. If such problems persist for longer than few days, contact Quicken support and let the experts suggest you.

It sounds terrible indeed when you cannot download any transactions in Quicken register while there is no error during “One Step Update”. There are types of connections that Quicken applications offer to establish with bank institutions. Usually your application will connect using Express Web Connect/Quicken Connect method or you can approach your bank for Direct Connect credentials..

download my bank transactions in Quicken register

No matter what type of connection you are using on Quicken for bank downloads, but you may experience this problem with transaction downloads sometimes. You can contact Quicken Support Number for better information and solution in such conditions without wasting any time. There can be various reasons behind such problems, which you can try to rectify yourself as well-

  • Using outdated Quicken app
  • Quicken release is outdated
  • Bank server is down
  • Bank institutions has stopped supporting the connection method
  • Need to update bank login credentials
  • Quicken data file is corrupted
  • There is a problem with Quicken server

There can be any possible reason behind this kind of problem, wherein you can check & follow above steps for possible solution. You can also try to deactivate online transaction download in Quicken app-

  • Open Tools from the menu bar
  • Select Account List
  • Select the Accounts one by one from the particular bank institution
  • Tap on Online Services tab and
  • Deactivate all accounts one by one from same bank
  • Now exit Quicken application
  • Open Quicken application
  • Follow the same instructions above to activate bank transactions

whilere-enabling bank accounts, you will not need to do the process for each account because the first account set-up will let you enable all rest in one place only.

It is not certain to have this issue resolved permanently, but this usually works for most bank accounts. If your issue is not resolved in-spite of performing all above task, then contact Quicken Support Phone Number and consult with the professionals.

While opening Quicken application: Cannot open data file because it is in use by some other application.

This error message could really make any user anxious about financial information. Quicken carries very confidential information and when such error message comes, really makes a user go crazy. Moreover, this type of issues can occur due to software malfunction. To resolve this problem, completely exit Quicken app and reboot computer device. Now open Quicken app again and try to access data file. If you are still stuck at same error, then possibly your Quicken app is not able to detect the original directory path of data file.

Further solution can be little tricky to a regular user, so they can call on Quicken Support Number 1-800-513-4593 for proficient resolution by experts. If you are willing to start troubleshooting this error on your own, then make sure to keep multiple copies of Quicken data file before initiating the process. To continue on own, follow instructions below-

  • Press Start button and look for File Explorer
  • Click View tab in left top corner
  • Check box for Hidden items in Show/Hide section
  • Delete CONFIG, DATA & LOG folders

These are log and configuration data files created automatically by applications and will be auto created on getting required.

  • Now Click on This PC/Computer
  • Open Local Drive C = Users
  • Select your User Name = Appdata = Roaming = Intuit/Quicken
  • Select CONFIG and delete
  • Repeat the same process for DATA&LOG folders

Now reboot the computer device again and open Quicken. On successful completion of process, must diagnose the error, contact Quicken Support Phone Number 1-800-513-45933 if the error still persisting.

Quicken cannot open source file

Note– The above instructions are applicable only on Windows 8/8.1/10. For earlier Windows versions, instructions can be varied. Also, remember that Quicken application are no longer compatible with Windows Vista or XP computers. In such case, customers can contact their computer manufacturer and ask for the Windows upgrade.

You can avoid such errors in Quicken application by keeping the computer drives cleaned. There are many freeware applications available on the Internet, which will help you wipe junk files from the computer drives. Wiping computer drives will enhance the performance of whole computer along with Quicken application.

We always recommend Quicken customers to must backup their data file after every important change they make. For better safety of data information, you could also prefer saving a copy of Quicken backup file on an external memory drive or in cloud storage accounts. Thousands of customers have been the victim of computer hard drive failure, which eventually cost them loss of their years Quicken data. Therefore, keep your Quicken backup safe somewhere you prefer.

Quicken Help Desk Number 1-800-513-4593 for convert Quicken data file

Now we can go ahead, and covert Quicken data file-

Quicken for Windows– If you have been using any Quicken version between 98-2003, then

  • backup your most recent data file
  • Press Windows + R keys
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and press ok
  • Find Quicken app and uninstall
  • Download Quicken 2004
  • Install and open the most recent backup file to convert

After successful conversion with Windows Quicken 2003, follow further instructions

  • Save a backup copy in 2004 Quicken
  • Uninstall Quicken 2004 app by following above method
  • Download Windows Quicken 2013
  • Install and open the recent backup file
  • Covert the data file on getting prompted

After going through the following process, please save a copy of backup within Quicken 2013 applications and next you can open this file in any latest Quicken application like- Quicken 2016/2017/2018. During the process, there can be rare possibilities of facing some uncalled error due to system issues, wherein calling Quicken Support Phone Number will surely resolve that for you.

quicken help desk number

Quicken for Mac-Quicken Mac users must know that latest Mac OS updates do not support Essential anymore. Also, converting data on Mac computers is little extra risky than Windows, therefore either you call Quicken support number and tell their experts to do the job for you safely or continue with instructions below-

  • Download and install the latest Quicken app
  • Direct your app to the most recent backup file
  • Or choose the type of file you desire to open in Quicken Mac app
  • On choosing right backup file, select option convert
  • And new Quicken Mac is ready to use

Data conversion on Mac can possibly take some extra time in doing the job, so please be patient while it finishes up the process. If you have data file from an older Quicken mac 2007, then it will be impossible to convert the data file, eventually you will have to start Quicken from the scratch.

For any other help and support service contact Quicken help desk and talk to the available experts for better answers.


Quicken Help Desk Number 1-800-513-4593

You can change your Quicken password through the application or by visiting at quicken.com. There are multiple passwords that a user can set-up for better protection and create issues for self in-case of forgetting them. You always have to register your software with Quicken by signing-up for Quicken ID, which will be connected to your mobile phone number and email address and keep the software connected to Quicken cloud server. Quicken also allows users to encrypt their data files with a password so that no one could access your data information without knowing this password. There is another password called “Vault”, which you could also set-up to store numerous bank password in Quicken for enabling “One Step Update”. There are multiple password that you could set-up to protect your data and to make services more efficient. If you are not a computer savvy user, then many passwords can be troubling, therefore keep it simple for yourself. If you are facing any troubles in retrieving your passwords, then contact Quicken help desk number and let them help you to recover. You can avail Quicken support via chat or phone, which is available in working days.

Quicken help desk number


Quicken ID Password-Now it is mandatory to register every Quicken product with an ID, if you have been using an old Quicken software and never needed one, then visit at www.quicken.com and sign-up to create an id for any future purchases or services. If you have forgotten password for “Quicken ID”, then you can reset it in minutes by tapping on “forgot password” through the software or the website.

Quicken Data File Password– If you have forgotten your password for data file, then you can reset it through the same windows by tapping on “Forgot password”. After tapping on “Forgot Password” button, you will be prompted for additional security verification for the authenticity of ownership, wherein you will have to answer the questions related to the transactions you have already entered in the data file and on successful answers, you will be allowed to reset the password. If you cannot figure any way out to reset the data file password and tried every way, then you are going to need Quicken help desk number for the best possible resolution.

Quicken Vault Password- “Quicken Vault” is the safe place for keeping all bank institution passwords stored in one place and update their transaction data with a single password only. If you are a heavy user and keep multiple banks to download transactions in Quicken, then Vault will let you store all your bank passwords in one place and next time you will be only prompted for Vault password in order to update all bank account transactions in once. If you have forgotten your vault password, will unfortunately lead you to reset the whole Vault and make you lose all stored passwords. You cannot reset your password for vault but try to remember old one and get back into it.

You must call on Quicken Customer Service Number for support related to passwords or other services. If you have failed in retrieving any passwords from Quicken, then contact them for better assistance.

Quicken Support Number 1-800-513-4593

This problem may occur on any edition of Quicken due to many reasons. If you are facing CC-501 error and cannot download the bank transactions in the register, then contact Quicken Support Number for faster solutions or follow the instructions below:

Fix error CC-501 manually

First of all, customers must check the particular account, if there is any downloaded transaction remaining to be accepted in the register. If yes, then accept the downloaded transaction in register and try “One Step Update” again. This problem may occur in many conditions like:

  1. On adding new account
  2. Using outdated bank credentials
  3. Due to temporary server issues
  4. Using outdated Quicken software
  5. Using unsupported version of Quicken

Always make sure that you are using updated Quicken software, if not then click help tab and check for available updates.

quicken support number

While adding a new Bank account-

You may experience such issues while adding new bank account to Quicken and get messages like: Quicken cannot connect to bank server or bank server is down. Some bank institution does not allow direct access by third-party software, wherein you can contact your bank customer support and let them help you enable access.

To eliminate such errors, follow manual instructions:

Before you initiate, we suggest users to wait for 24-48 hours before running diagnosis so that temporary glitch will be cleared form the server-end or contact Quicken Support Phone Number for the best results.

  1. Open Quicken application
  2. Click on Tools icon
  3. Tap on accounts
  4. Choose the account with error
  5. Tap on Edit button
  6. Click Online services button
  7. And Deactivate online services
  8. Repeat the same process with each account with same error
  9. Close application & reopen
  10. Follow the same process to reactivate all accounts

The process should hopefully resolve the error CC-501, if not, then contact on Quicken Technical Support Number for help by experts. If your software is outdated, then updating software will self-eliminate the error and start updating accounts without any hassles.

Quicken for Mac is unable to download bank transactions!

It can be really hard for a regular Quicken user to fix, when Quicken for Mac is unable to download bank transactions! in the Quicken register. Sometimes you will get a particular error code during “One step update”, which will help you to understand reason behind. If you are getting an error while updating bank transactions, then open any web-browser and search for it to reveal the real cause of it along with solutions. In-case you cannot fix the error yourself, then you must contact Quicken Technical Support for Mac and consult with the professionals.

Quicken for Mac is unable to download bank transactions!

If you are not getting any errors while trying to update transactions into Quicken for Mac but cannot download any recent entries from the bank institution, then you may need to refresh the connection between bank and Quicken software. To refresh the connection, follow the instructions-

  1. Open Quicken application
  2. Tap on the particular account
  3. Tap on the settings button in the right-side bottom corner
  4. Deactivate online transactions
  5. Repeat same process with every sick account and close the application
  6. Reopen Quicken and select the account settings to reconnect
  7. Connect all Accounts again and update transactions

If you cannot download the transactions from bank yet, then immediately contact on Quicken Support Phone Number and connect with the Mac experts, who will analyse the situation and rectify it without any waste of time. Sometimes these issues are also temporary, wherein you can wait up-to 24-48 hours and try again. If cannot make it to work, then you always have multiple options to fix it.

An Outdated release

If you are running Quicken on outdated release, may case troubles like this. You can easilycheck, and update Quicken release by following the instructions-

  1. Open Quicken application
  2. Tap on Quicken button in the left-side top corner
  3. Click on “Check for Updates”

If Quicken is outdated, will prompt you to update and install it, which will possibly resolve every issue with downloads and more. For further details visit to the official website and get more information.

Quicken Helpline for Mac Computer 1-800-513-4593